KiZroo & MaMaroo provides babysitting services.
We have Japanese and well-trained Singaporean babysitters.
All sitters have experience of taking care of expatriates' children.

 Please fill in the "Babysitting Request Form" below for reservation and press "submit" button.
Request Deadline: 12pm, 1 working day prior

If you do not receive a reply from us in 1-2 working days, please resend your request as we most likely did not receive your original submission due to a technical error.
(Please make sure to read the terms and conditions of the page below.)
Our Babysitters

Sinagaporean Babysitters (part-time)
Japanese Babysitters (only available at Center)

Location of Babysitting

KiZroo & MaMaroo Center
(Mon-Fri 9:30-17:00, except public & KiZroo's holidays)



 Registaration Fee: $20
(To charge on your first babysitting service)

Babysitting Fee
Minimum requirement:  At least 3 hours

Regular Price
per hour, per child

Mon ~ Fri (9:00 am-9:00 pm):                          $23/hr    (Additional 1 child: Extra $13)

Mon ~ Fri (Before 9:00 am / After 9:00 pm):   $35/hr    (Additional 1 child: Extra $18)

Saturday, Sunday, Public Holiday:                  $35/hr    (Additional 1 child: Extra $18)

Special Price
Booking made 4 days in advance,
per hour, per child

Mon ~ Fri (9:00 am-9:00 pm):    $20/hr
(Additional 1 child: Extra $10)

Mon ~ Fri (Before 9:00 am / After 9:00 pm):   $30/hr    (Additional 1 child: Extra $15)

Saturday, Sunday, Public Holiday:                  $30/hr    (Additional 1 child: Extra $15)

There is an extra charge of $4/hr if you request for a Japanese babysitter. Japanese babysitters are available only for the babysitting at our centre in the daytime on weekdays.

      If you have exceeded more than 10 min of your requested timing, you will be charged for every 15 min exceeded. 

Transportation Fee
(Please pay directly to our babysitter)
Center Home Sentosa
Regular Hours
$8 $21
n/a $15 $30
Midnight, Early Morning & Peak Hours
n/a $25 $40

Cancellation Policy

      * Kindly inform of any cancellation 3 working days in advance.

Cancellation fee will be incurred for cancellations made from 2 working days prior to the day of the service.
1-2 working days before: 50% babysitting fee
The day of the service: 100% of babysitting fee

The Cradle Consultant Pte Ltd arranges babysitter based on customer’s request. Injuries caused by unexpected accidents are covered by insurance up to $1,000 for babysitting at the centre. However, for the babysitting at home or outside the centre, injuries caused by unexpected accidents will not be covered by the insurance.
Customer will release and waive against all claim of The Cradle Consultant Pte Ltd, employees, representatives, officers, directors, from injuries, damages arising from injuries relating to his/her child or children’s care during the babysitting.
Purchasing insurance in case of medical care is recommended. 

Babysitting at Our Centre

*We will arrange babysitters only for the reserved date and time. We are not the babysitters dispatching agency nor having drop-in system. 

*We have cold and hot water for formula, fridge and microwave at our center. We can keep baby strollers but we cannot keep valuable items including mobile phones. We are not responsible for any loss or damages for the items left at our center.

*Please bring formula, bottles, food, diapers, long sleeve shirt (for air-con room), and other necessary items (such as toys).  We only feed children the food brought from home. Please inform us about the child’s allergy to prevent from any accidents just in case.

*For breastfeeding baby, please prepare them to drink fluid (water/breast milk) from bottles while babysitting

*We may ask the parents to pick up the child when the child cannot take any fluid.

Babysitting at Client's Home

* Babysitter is to take care of children. The service does not include household chores such as cleaning, cooking, ironing and so on.

* Please write message on paper and pass to a babysitter if you have any request on babysitting.

* For breastfeeding baby, please prepare them to drink fluid (water/breast milk) from bottles while babysitting.

* We may ask the parents to come home when the child cannot take any fluid.

* Babysitters can move with your children only within the same premises. They are not to move to different area with the children on foot or by any kind of transportation.  However, babysitters can accompany the parents to go to hospital, shopping or to follow to events and so on.

For babysitting the infant below 5 month-old,

Parents must be within the same building or within five-minute walk distance. We assume for the cases such as to accompany the parents with a baby to the hospital, taking care of a baby in the next room for parent's work, accompany parents to go out for shopping or sightseeing.